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About Us

Studio, all we do is designing. Creativity is at the very core of whatever we craft. Our small team of passionate designers is adamant to get it "perfect". Nothing less will do. Powered by the zealous young team and mentored by experienced veterans of the design industry, we are proud to say that our signature work represents the tip of excellence. At Graphic Studio we love to blend: experiment with tradition, creativity with practicality, thoughts with forms, the technique with art and above all work with life. In fact, it is not a company nor do we hire any employees. We are a committed design studio mentoring promising artists and allow them to thrive. So each of your projects is personally crafted by an artist.

    We are a small close-knit team of aspiring artists, awesome designers and veteran industry experts. But there is one common thing that we all share: love towards our work. So when you allow us to unleash our creativity on your project, rest assure that is not being "done" by any 9-5 team but it is being crafted carefully by dedicated designers who are body and soul into it. Each single project, for us, is as valuable as a new plant for a gardener. We put all efforts to cultivate it, nourish it and ensure it an uninterrupted growth. Beauty is at the core of everything we do.
    Graphic Studio was created by a handful of young, promising designers under the mentorship of veteran industry specialists. While everyone was well-settled in his own right, there was a deeper meaning that they were looking for. In fact, they realized that their creativity was limited by commerce. They wanted to unleash that creativity, go beyond the expectations of clients and work in a way that allowed them to give more importance to art rather than commerce. It wasn't possible while in a job. As the famous proverb goes "Birds of the same feather, flock together!" Hence The company was started in a small way. A few clients believed our caliber and we did everything to prove them right! Good karma paid off and today we are growing: slowly but steadily!

    How would we define ourselves? We are a company that does charge for their services but artistic satisfaction is more important than the monetary gain!